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We are professionals in placing international experts and top executives in attractive positions in Germany. Our network comprises large corporations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and universities. Furthermore, we assist you in preparing an application based on German requirements and we support you through the application process and subsequent visa application process.

You should have an academic background and your profile should be interesting for German companies or universities. We will let you know. Our focus branches are IT and Engineering, but other qualified profiles are highly welcome. Obtaining a visa, a work permit and moving to Germany are not complicated once you have been offered a work contract. We will support you! Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions from our Candidates

If you are interested in working in Germany, you send us your resume. We will check if your profile is attractive for our clients, have an interview with you and add you to our candidate database. Thereafter, we strive to find a suitable position for you.

If you need help to adapt your resume to the German requirements, or if you need help with job search and the visa application process, we offer additional services that are subject to charges.

Yes, the main service of weltkopf, the placement of international candidates, is for the candidates for free. Additionally, we offer tailored services that are subject to charges (see below).

We will make sure that the company receives your application with all relevant information and in the right format. If the company is interested, they will invite you for a first interview. This interview is generally to get to know each other, about you as a person, your motivation, your experience and your qualification. If you are from abroad, it is possible that it will take place via Skype or phone. If both parties are still interested, a second interview will take place in person. This one is a more in-depth meeting focusing on your specialization and future tasks. Subsequent to this, you will discuss your salary package, your period of notice and a possible start date before both parties sign the contract.

EU citizens have the right to Freedom of movement. Nationals of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand or the USA may enter Germany without a visa and apply for a Residence permit, which entitles them to reside in Germany before taking up employment. Only nationals of these countries can apply to their local foreign nationals’ registration authority after having already entered Germany. Nationals of all other third-party states must apply for a visa from their local German mission abroad before travelling to Germany.

To work in Germany, you need to apply for a work visa. You apply for a work visa or a visa for jobseekers at the German embassy in your country. If you are just flying in for a job interview, you don’t need to present a work visa.

All academics with a recognized university degree, or one which is comparable with a German university degree, are entitled to the “EU Blue Card” single residence and work permit. To obtain it, you will need to prove that you have a job in Germany which corresponds to your qualification. The only condition is that you must earn an annual gross salary of at least €56,800 (in 2022). EU Blue Card holders are entitled to a permanent Residence permit after 33 months.

The German economy is called Europe’s engine, because of its robust growth since more than one decade. The unemployment rate was very low at around 5% in the last years. Furthermore, the population is shrinking and ageing. Therefore Germany needs skilled professionals from abroad and their prospects generally look bright.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects the job market in Germany and all over the world. Due to heavy use of short-time work and other effective measures, the German unemployment rate only increased slightly. Long term predictions are difficult in this situation, but it is probable, that the demand for skilled professionals will last.

Information Technology and Engineering are branches which are in demand, but there are plenty of other branches with labor shortages such as Science & Research and Healthcare. Send us your resume and we will give you a feedback on your chances.

Nationalities don’t matter. If you have an academic background and your profile is qualified, we are happy to place you.

German is still used widespread as the business language and in some branches it is a prerequisite. However, in large corporations, and especially in the IT branch, English is the predominant language.

Salaries for professionals in Germany are comparable to other industrialized countries. Slightly higher taxes facilitate a well functioning welfare state, including healthcare, infrastructure and education. We will support you in finding your appropriate salary requirement.

Most German companies will cover your expenses if they invite you to a job interview. You will receive more detailed information from the responsible HR Department. If necessary, we are happy to assist.

Additional services for international candidates


  • German CV
  • German Cover Letter


  • German CV
  • German Cover Letter
  • Job Search
  • Support – Visa Application Process


  • German CV
  • German Cover Letter
  • Job Search
  • Support – Visa Application Process
  • Cultural Coaching
  • Support – House Hunting

““Thanks for helping me to achieve my dream of moving to Germany & working here. You have been very patient and kind during the whole process with providing almost every possible guidance & made me feel more confident.“

Abhilash • IT Security Consultant from India

“Working with weltkopf Consulting was the key to find a suitable job according to my qualifications in Germany. I highly recommend the service. In weltkopf I found not only a professional approach, but also a friendly, helpful and passionate work. I appreciate all the support, follow-ups and help throughout the process.“

Paula • Senior Account Manager from Portugal